NeuroFood for Thought: Organisations are asking more of their people

Last week we briefly explored the rise of Neuroscience in our People, Process and Performance industry and summarily mentioned 3 common areas of challenge for organisations in the current global climate: Organisations are asking more of their people. Organisations are asking different skills of their leaders. Organisations are experiencing an alarming rate of employee disengagement.[…]

Employee Engagement: Why You Should Care

Since 1997 Gallup has been exploring the links between workforce engagement and organisational success. In its eighth iteration, the 2012 Gallup research clearly highlights this link and shows some consistent outcomes to its 2009 research findings. The 2012 Gallup analysis ”examined 49,928 business or work units and included about 1.4 million employees in 192 organizations,[…]

Feel good states of mind

Image: Dr Stuart Brown TED Talk The Story What’s that? The garage door….she’s home, she’s home…yay…run, pant, run, jump. May be if I rollover in front of her she’ll pat me. Yes, it worked! She patted me, keep patting me, pat me, pat me. She stopped patting me… Ooh, what’s that? She’s picked up the[…]

Neuroscience — So What?

Recently a valued friend and colleague, Sandy Bennetts,  dropped an idea into my head and put me in contact with Linda Ray of NeuroCapability.  Ever since that moment my head has been spinning in relation to neuroscience and how it can change the way we view and approach our human relationships, personally and organisationally. Now,[…]