Brain Friendly Tips – Dealing with Today
When we are surrounded by enormous amounts of information, sometimes conflicting, it can result in overwhelm for our brain. This means that even simple decisions, like working out what to have for dinner, become difficult.
The food for thought series #3
Sensemaking is the term I propose to revitalise relevance for organisational change management in rising to successfully answer future organisational challenges (PS the future is already here)...
The food for thought series #2
In my previous article, I explored change and I proposed a shift from the illusion of control that the term change management insinuates toward the term sense-making.
The food for thought series #1
Clearly a lot of people are interested in change both generally and specifically. The shallow surface provided by Google, provides a plethora of information, and I am driven to explore more about change and the notion of change management in general...