Feel good states of mind

Mental alertness

  • Serotonin also promotes mental alertness – perhaps workplace practices should have resident dogs to help performance?

Nimble brain

  • Recent research suggests physical exercise actually makes our brains more nimble

According to The New York Times author Gretchen Reynolds:

…exercise prompts increases in something called brain-derived neurotropic factor, or B.D.N.F., a substance that strengthens cells and axons, fortifies the connections among neurons and sparks neurogenesis…


  • Play refreshes the brain and is linked to many brain health functions, including the development of learned optimism.

Check out this TED Talk by Dr Stuart Brown:


  • It is during moments outside our work that insights occur.
  • Let your unconscious do the hard thinking and connecting work for you – take time to play.

Neuroscience…so How?

…so How can you apply some of the neuroscience on a day to day basis at work?

  1. Take time in your day to play. Do something that puts a smile on your face. Did you know if you hold a pen between your lips the same muscles required for smiling are stimulated!
  2. Plan time in your day to move. Did you know our sedentary work style means our blood flow to the brain is less? Given our brain takes 25-30% of our body’s energy stores, keeping the blood flow is important.
  3. When it comes around to Performance time…ask your manager if you can spend more time doing what you love. Generally, what we love is based around our strengths. If you love what you do…how does this change the energy in your work environment and the way in which you approach other people?